Khumalo’s operation is scheduled for the 15th of May.

Khumalo’s operation is scheduled for the 15th of May.
Apparently it is not so serious that the pins in his body cause sepsis.

A while ago he was taken to Steve Bhiko for a whole week and released again, the sister who called me argued that no doctors were available …

Three days ago his foot started to swell again after he went to George Makari for help, again he was sent away with painkillers and a moon boot …

When he arrived at my house yesterday he was weak, tired and hungry …

My request today is, to all the important people like Mr Jack Bloom who is aware of the situation …
After all, he has been working with the pens in his body since 2012

We are grateful that an operation is scheduled ultimately, but we fear it might be too late. There is no way he can do so for another month and a half.

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Thank you, Mark!

Many thanks to this awesome man, his heart is just as big as his shoulders …

He sacrificed his bakkie and his time until midnight to help us deliver food. I have seen so much patience for a long time.

He climbed out at every point and listened to people’s stories, without getting impatient or hurrying …

Thank you Mark Struwig, you are an awesome man !!!

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Thank you, Monica!

Thank you Monica for your generosity, and so for everybody who donates, I do not think the street people realize how lucky they are, but they appreciate it so, if I could, I would take all the street people in, but I do not think Pretoria North will love it much ..

I pray that this initiative will take place everywhere, and that everyone on the street who wants to work will get the opportunity.

Because of people like the ones on this page we are doing very well with our project, people get work, people get hope ….
Thank you

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Our car broke down again!

Hi you …… the car is broken down again!!!!
Anyone with a bakkie that would like to help distribute food tonight?

Alternatively, if you can tell why the steering wheel is super tight …

Last month it was the fanbelt that broke just after the steering became tight.
This started while it was so hard, the it started to miss, now the miss is gone, but steering is almost impossible to turn.
Just a little bit of advice ….
And your transport tonight …. hahaha.


Pieter needs some help, please!

Okay, so let’s try again …
I was forced to delete the previous post on Pieter because of all the negative comments …

Guys, we’re obviously a lot of passionate people on this page …

I’m just grateful Pieter and his family are not on fb, people here is a baby to welcome into the world soon, a new life, who knows, maybe a doctor or a lawyer or even president one day !!!

We know Pieter well enough through our journey to know how hard he works to make this a success, how many challenges he has to deal with.

This man has been through more than most, but giving up? Not Pieter …

We know they are not perfect, but who is ??

Any contribution will be a blessing, most important at this stage is more suitable accommodation, if possible less than R3000 pm ..
Pretoria north


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Update on Johannes and Samantha

Samantha is doing very well, she fits in well at the center and actively participates in the program.

Johannes who was sleeping under a tree in Rachel the bear was picked up by an unknown black man and offered a room …

Caring and positivity is contagious, unfortunately hate and negativity too …

Fortunately, we have a choice that we want to surround …

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Our street people really surprised us!

Chef and I have taken leave yesterday because the thought that our street people can not make money in the rain and so can not eat  – unthinkable…

Thanks to Biscuit Mecca’s regular cookie donation, we were able to hand out hot coffee and cookies in the morning …

But we were surprised to see how they still work, gathering bottles in the rain, nothing prevents these guys. They learned to survive.

We are not their beginning and end, we are only a helping hand …

My heart goes out to the elderly who are still trying to work, the mentally disturbed ones for which there is nowhere to go…

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Please keep our street people in your prayers

Hi guys I would like to ask for a prayer for our street people,

They make a living by collecting and selling plastic, cardboard, paper etc. Others are carpets and car guards, and sell vegetables and flowers. Others perform piece-jobs like removing trees and painting. This is all work that is very difficult in the rain can be “because if they are willing, the request is very little …

Besides people, there were about three people who wanted to make money donations, we did not receive it, please check with your banks, because I will not remember anyone wanting to donate something, I know crises happens,  I just mention it here so you know.

Food is currently running out, and as you know, we do not sell anything !!

However, at this stage, considering the rain situation (for which we are very grateful) we may exchange non-essential items for food … please note, not necessary items.
E.g. No-one needs a wooden cot with a value of R1500, hahaha …

If anyone has a problem with this, please let me know, no opinions, if you feel I can not exchange your donation for food, please let me know.

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We need to find this you man.

If you see this young man in the north, he came to ask for work, which we could quickly get for him, unfortunately he did not arrive … we could help with a lunch box and shoes.

If you know him, please persuade him to take the job, his mother needs a lot of help … He is 30 years old.

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Thank you for the vegetables!

Donation received here in the north, this lady grows her own vegetable in wolmer at the back of her yard, and after handing out her to her neighbors, she still has plenty to give to our project.

It made me wonder, here are many large plots in wolmer, and it is an environment with the greatest need for food, is it about scarcity of water or what will be the reason why more people do not grow vegetables themselves? Must be because of the water because, as I understand, the soil is very fertile ..

Spinach, tomatoes and carrots!
Thank you very much …

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