Strong Collin needs a job.

Hi guys, Collin of Pretoria North is now an energetic boy for you, the guy told me seriously last night but he hears from other people they are called for work, but no one calls him … so let’s try again ..
He had already stripped a car in Wonderboom South, and the man was very satisfied.

Collin can strip cars, he is a good storeman, he can paint and do general handyman work.
Oh guys, any heavylifting (he is strong), whatever, call this strong man …

Pretoria north streets …

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We need to find this you man.

If you see this young man in the north, he came to ask for work, which we could quickly get for him, unfortunately he did not arrive … we could help with a lunch box and shoes.

If you know him, please persuade him to take the job, his mother needs a lot of help … He is 30 years old.

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Johannes needs a job.

This very nice young man calls me aside last night and says he heard I’m finding work for people and he would like to work very much, guarding cars and collecting tins is not what he wants to do for the rest of his life … I asked him, okay what can you do, he says anything, he’ll do anything, paint, maintenance etc …

I ask him, but what’s in your heart, what work do you want to do …

He says madam, I want to prepare food, I can prepare food, I’ve been preparing food for three years at Knight Rider cafe before they closed that time …

It’s so sad, these guys on the street forget their passion, and are only willing to do anything for some money.

I feel so bad that I often overlook the quiet ones (the gems), I’ve known him for more than a year, and never knew he could cook ..

Now I want to ask, even if homeless people are not your passion, just reach out to one, you can change someone’s life, without costing you a cent, there is NOT a more amazing feeling than knowing that you had something to do with restoring one’s dignity, self proud, call it what you want  – and you were part because you showed interest,  you gave someone hope …

Employment gives hope.
Employment says I believe in you, I think you can, now you should think so too …

Come on, let’s help a nice guy out of the street..please share if you can not help yourself ..

Update – previous owner/manager confirmed on fb page that they had to close down business and Johannes worked for them.

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Wilhelm needs a job

Hi guys, I received this request from someone who cares ….

I contacted Wilhelm, he lives in Germiston, but he will move for a permanent job.  This man has been looking for work as far as the Northern Cape …

Please people, can we help him to settle down in one place?

He is healthy at only 55 he assured me.

He has experience and diplomas in landscape architecture, has been a horticultural manager, has experience in general maintenance.
In addition, he has a valid code 10 license.

Please, share, as you always do, he assures me he has sober habits, and must say when I spoke to him, it also appeared to be true, he has no dependents, so it is only him.


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We need a job for Anna

Hi, as you know, Anna lives with us now, she wants to keep busy, we’re looking for her a job near the house, in the line of  cleaning,  something like salon or shopping, racking etc. will be ideal, staying busy is more important than a big salary for her ..
Pretoria north

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Tanya needs work, please…

Hi guys, can you help to find work here, Tanya lives in Pretoria North, she’s only 22, and had already had to sacrifice much of her young life by looking after children, she has to support her parents, and for that she urgently needs an income.

Any admin, reception work will mean a lot to her, she is intelligent and capable of reaching a lot.
Thank you
Tanya ..

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We need some help with IDs or SASSA applications, please.

Hi guys, we have made no progress with these old people’s IDs or SASSA.
If anybody can help, this money will help us to put them in a safe haven.
As I mentioned before, I will pay for your time to assist with this.

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Aniel needs work…

Hey guys, Aniel stopped me at Spar, he  still did not get work, his two brothers are working already, but nobody has called him yet.

This little guy is one of our sweeties, always quiet, always sober, always polite …

He has a valid code 10 license, but is willing to do ANY type of work, from gardening to painting … please guys if you can help him to get off the street as well.

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Uncle Willie is going through deep waters …

Uncle Willie is going through deep waters …
Uncle Willie came to Pretoria with the promise of work which unfortunately did not realise. His mother stays in a hostel here in the north.

This is something that is very common nowadays, people are offered work and do not realize what that person gives up for it, travel to the palce of employment, and only to be told “Sorry we will keep you up to date or in mind …”.

His wife is waiting a hole without water in anticipation, and Willie sleeps on the street ..

Please people, can we not help this man – he knows.

Willie can do petrol & diesel mechanic work, CO2 welding, code 14 and PDP and have already made furniture from pallets …

This man will only be to your benefit, and it’s only him and his wife ..
Please help, he is despondent …

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I have work for 2 security guards …

Is anyone here with a security degree …
I have work for 2 security guards …
Whatsupp me

If I do not reply, it means it’s already filled.
I REQUIRE ALL COLLABORATION … If I have posts, but not people, I’ll post it …
The first one to reply with whatsupp I will refer to the contact person … I’m NOT a job search organization, but please help.

If I do not answer you, do not stalk me, the post is already filled, and nothing personal … please do not start hi, how are you?

Only name, qualification or experience, number if on whatsupp

0731962956 …

Attention people from Pretoria North!

Pretoria north …..

It came to my attention yesterday that many white men walk around and beg and many people simply assume that because they are drunk and look bad that they are street people.

I want to ask you, if these healthy young men beg from you, tell him where he can get food at night because they are always supposedly hungry – if he is on the street at night, he will get food, we have so many points around the area, he will find one close enough to him where he can get food, he can only ask. Unfortunately the chance is slim that he will come.

White people who are still on the street are very few.  We nowadays have food left where at times it was too little at times.

You do not have to support beggars with money and food as we already provide them with food. Instead, you need to help find jobs if you want to make a difference and not just moan on facebook. If you live in Pretoria North start acting and help us!

Care-groups of Pretoria North, stop dishing out food parcels for your needy families, rather find them work.  I know it means time and money, but guys, you do not help anyone providing lunch boxes every week.  During the day these guys walk and beg and then people say Ruth & Cenci draw them to the North! These guys stay in houses people, they have been in the North for a long time, we did not draw them here.

Conrad do any kind mechanical work he says, diesel & petrol, diffs and gearboxes.

Conrad got work !!!!

The details are a little blurry, but it’s in Lavender Avenue, spoke to his new employer, we are very grateful …
Thank you for all prayers and shares …


Conrad also lives on the streets in Pretoria North.

H does piece jobs for income, so he would like to have something permanent and get off the street.

This young man was very concerned about his cleanliness when we took this photo last night, and did not want to look bad.

He passed code 14 license (pdp unfortunately expired). He can do any kind  mechanical work he says, diesel & petrol, diffs and gearboxes.

Please, people give the young people in the streets a chance on a future.

Conrad & Divan currently share a phone 0797816895

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