Divan needs work… (Divan has 12 years of experience in commercial and residential construction work)

Hi you, this young man wants to work very much, he is so neat, even though he sleeps on the street, the man also has heaps of experience going to waste on the street with piece jobs … can anyone give him an opportunity to get off  the street and to get on his feet, his whole life lies before him …

Divan has 12 years of experience in commercial and residential construction work, he was already sight agent and MD foreman, licensed and PDP (unfortunately expired)

And then he tells in detail that he can do everything and picks up his resume, and you can hear he has a passion for this …

He would prefer to stay in the north as he has contact with his minor child.
Pretoria north & surrounding area.


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Anna needs a job in Pretoria North

As you know, Anna’s Billy passed away.

Anna is renting a room with her sister.

Things are a bit tight, but as soon as I get my car, I’ll look at the circumstances.

Anna is currently a car guard at Old Top Rank for an income because there are now expenses where she stays.

If someone has a more stable position for Anna in Pretoria North, it will be great, something like packing shelves or cleaning work, processing vegetables, such type of jobs please contact me.


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Car Washing Service

Look, if I had already tried to get people off the street, it was with these three guys.

Nevertheless, my way is not necessarily the correct way.

I sat down thinking how?

Okay, they wash cars in President Steyn and environment for an income. Now if you are in the North you should know very well, so I’m not going to bullshit anyone, we know where the money goes …

However, the plan is to market them as car washers and they will come to your house to wash your car, they have undertaken to purchase a phone by Saturday.

We advertise them by name (suggestions are welcome) and you call them to come to your house to wash your car.  They are really good !!

In doing so, they may just make enough space to rent a room, and get some human dignity back …

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Money needed for fuel – please help this mom if you can.

As you all know , we are trying to help the single mom with food, fridge etc. but especially work – they live in a wendy between Pretoria North & Orchards.

Usually we do not ask for financial donations, but the problem we are facing now is that mom can not attend interviews as far as montana because of lack of money for petrol. Collecting donations is also a problem as she has a car but not petrol money.

If anyone can and will help, here are all her details … thank you very much …

Plot 150 Daan de Wet Nel
Cell: 0648634724

Capitec bank

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We need a job for a mother of three.

Due to circumstances beyond this mother of 3’s control, she was left to her own grace with three kiddies, they currently live in a Wendy between Pretoria North & Orchards. The children are attending school in Pretoria North.

There is already a benefactor who pays the R1500 rent of the Wendy.

Here is a big need of food, anything you can save, the baby was born recently.

In addition to the obvious needs here, we need to improve their standard of living.

Here is so much needed here that I do not even know what to ask. Certainly a fridge.

It was impossible to search for a job for her while she was pregnant but now we have to.

Previous experience includes childcare, caregiver, nursery school experience, rugby club and bar lady purchases, guys she will try anything, she is sharp, oldest is 15, 8, and three weeks …

Her address:
Plot 150 Daan de Wet Nel Avenue
Cell: 0648634724

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So proud of these men

Andre has lifted himself out of his circumstances, he has been sleeping on the streets for a long time before he decided it’s enough and seriously started working as a car guard at Choppies, please support him.

We are happy to help them with donations because they try, they also make a plan to improve their own lives and collect their donations themselves and don’t wait for us since our car is broken down.

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