Our Angel of the Day!

Our angel of the day !!!!
Santjie Fouche had to tire herself completely driving around for others today!

We searched for this morning for transport to Anna to her husband’s funeral, as the transport originally organised had to be cancelled due to car problems.

Santjie Fouche lives in Montana, but was already in Centurion, left from there, chased North, escorted Anna, assisted her at the funeral and brought her back to the North,

This remarkable woman simply decided not to give up when I said it was too late and too far … she simply decided to do what should be done, no doubt, without excuses.

Just imagine if we had more such leaders …

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Money needed for fuel – please help this mom if you can.

As you all know , we are trying to help the single mom with food, fridge etc. but especially work – they live in a wendy between Pretoria North & Orchards.

Usually we do not ask for financial donations, but the problem we are facing now is that mom can not attend interviews as far as montana because of lack of money for petrol. Collecting donations is also a problem as she has a car but not petrol money.

If anyone can and will help, here are all her details … thank you very much …

Plot 150 Daan de Wet Nel
Cell: 0648634724

Capitec bank

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Update on Anna (from Billy)

Quick update …

Anna has a sister in Pretoria North she now lives with, we will soon visit and hear if she needs anything. (Once the car has bee fixed)

Billy’s sister who does not live in Pretoria is in charge of funeral arrangements, and it seems that everything is under control with it and does not need our help at this time.

Lady, the dog, has been with us for about six or seven months, after Anna felt she’d be better off at us than on the street and they could visit her.

Thank you very much for everyone’s compassion and love, you are so appreciated.

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We need help with transport tonight


I beg you again to assist with transport tonight so we can dish out food to our street people.

Please let me know if you have a bakkie and can help. (Our car is still broken down).

A car is not recommended, the sauce etc. ends up all over the place, I do not want your car to look like mine.

Thank you.

Ruth 0731962956

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Thank you for helping out!

These two ladies sacrificed their time and transport last night to help us deliver food, seeing that our car broke down again. 

Thank you very much for helping out between your own jobs, children and your own responsibilities,  giving time to the Pretoria North street people. Amanda Marques is no stranger to the project, she was there with our Christmas party at the pool, she helped with medicines when one person was sick on the street, and she regularly provides Ironman with bottles and fights with hospitals to help him. You were awesome !!!!

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Thank you, Peet!

First of all Peet … yesterday, Peet helped me out when my car decided it had enough.

After many impatient Pretoria drivers screamed at me in Mansfield, Peet stopped and offered assistance.  This  young man even said he would follow me and even asked if I had air time on my phone … .Wow !!!! thank you Peet !!, Now, as I calculate the costs of this obstacle …. Anyone who wants to volunteer to take us tonight to share food?

I must add that it’s a messy story, and not recommended from a car as we do it … If there is anybody who has nothing better to do tonight, hahaha. Food is cooked by 8 o’clock … Pretoria north Ruth 0731962956 (whatsupp also works well) Thank you guys.