Our street people really surprised us!

Chef and I have taken leave yesterday because the thought that our street people can not make money in the rain and so can not eat  – unthinkable…

Thanks to Biscuit Mecca’s regular cookie donation, we were able to hand out hot coffee and cookies in the morning …

But we were surprised to see how they still work, gathering bottles in the rain, nothing prevents these guys. They learned to survive.

We are not their beginning and end, we are only a helping hand …

My heart goes out to the elderly who are still trying to work, the mentally disturbed ones for which there is nowhere to go…

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Please keep our street people in your prayers

Hi guys I would like to ask for a prayer for our street people,

They make a living by collecting and selling plastic, cardboard, paper etc. Others are carpets and car guards, and sell vegetables and flowers. Others perform piece-jobs like removing trees and painting. This is all work that is very difficult in the rain can be “because if they are willing, the request is very little …

Besides people, there were about three people who wanted to make money donations, we did not receive it, please check with your banks, because I will not remember anyone wanting to donate something, I know crises happens,  I just mention it here so you know.

Food is currently running out, and as you know, we do not sell anything !!

However, at this stage, considering the rain situation (for which we are very grateful) we may exchange non-essential items for food … please note, not necessary items.
E.g. No-one needs a wooden cot with a value of R1500, hahaha …

If anyone has a problem with this, please let me know, no opinions, if you feel I can not exchange your donation for food, please let me know.

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We need some help with IDs or SASSA applications, please.

Hi guys, we have made no progress with these old people’s IDs or SASSA.
If anybody can help, this money will help us to put them in a safe haven.
As I mentioned before, I will pay for your time to assist with this.

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people do care/mense gee om : What we do…

Ruth and Cenci (“the Chef”) does an amazing job on the streets of Pretoria North taking care of the homeless.  Everyday after work they start preparing meals for close to 200 people and then start doing their rounds at eight in the evening, dishing out food and attending to minor injuries.  Not only do they feed these people sleeping in the streets, they also find donations in all forms to clothe them, assist them with finding jobs, organise lifts to hospitals when needed, and even educate when the need arise.

Their ultimate goal is to find suitable space from where they can run a shelter offering these street people accommodation and meals they can return to after their day in the sun working as car guards, recyclers, and simply walking the streets trying to find employment.

This couple is not a registered NPO but simply do what they feel is the right thing to do.

The costs to cover the following most basic needs easily runs into R5000 to R10000 PER WEEK :

  • Food.
  • Electricity to prepare the food.
  • Fuel to distribute the food.
  • Medical supplies to attend to minor injuries.
  • A multitude of other expenses for example polystyrene containers to dish up in.

Ruth and Cenci does receive a fair amount of monetary donations every week from donors world-wide, and also a large amount of local food donations.  However, they still sponsor a large portion of these costs themselves.

And that is the reason we appeal to you for donations – 10 X R100 donations can cover the costs of their operation for one evening!

You are most welcome to follow their activities on their fb page at https://www.facebook.com/wheninneed/, and on their website at https://peopledocare.co.za/.

You may donate at any time.  Please deposit your donation directly in Ruth’s bank account:

Bank: Absa
Beneficiary:  Ruth Jacobs
Type: Savings
Account number: 58169366
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Use the name of the person or the project you would like the money to go towards, else use “Mense Gee Om”

Please donate and share this page!

The absolute highlight of the week !!!!

The absolute highlight of the week !!!!

Where do you start thanking people for such a love gesture?
Sarie Minnaar took in oupa Desmond without conditions …

I have honestly never met anyone who is so comfortable with people, this man is treated like a king for the first time, and he deserves it, for many years he worked very hard here in the North. After his stroke everything changed and he was forced into the street.

Yesterday we went  to pick up his last good stuff that he stores everywhere for safety – these old people are abused everywhere.

He borrowed a thousand rand on his SASSA last month as he did not receive his.  Even though two  ladies on the group donated almost the exact amount to him, he was so robbed … he has to pay back R450 every month until June’s, now that is bad, it’s almost double. I hope but his information is wrong.

This is a concern as it forces old people to keep borrowing to keep going, while they are getting so little already.

He also saved the rest of his money with the vegetable Tannie, got there, only to be told she only had R160 of the R1000 she “kept safe” for him ..

He puts his good walking stick and clothes in another place, and the little boy did not want to fetch it.

I had to cry when Grandpa Desmond said “no more 5 o clock” getting up and did not know where to go.

Yesterday he slept almost the whole day because for the first time in many years he was allowed.

No elderly person earn to spend their last years on a shop stoep to be chased and humiliated.

He was so so excited about the television yesterday, and he has to get used to the fact that his belongings are safe.

Sarie, your days will be blessed for what you did here, I’m convinced.

Thank you for all the donations, we were able to quickly set up his room without running around after bedspreads for bed and bedding, bedside table, TV etc.

Thank you, Lord, for sending this angel on our way.

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HELP !!!!!! We look like hillbillies !!!

HELP !!!!!!
We look like hillbillies !!!
The boss does not want to know anything about asking someone to take away some items for oupa Desmond, that’s so embarrassing !!!

Yes, you read right, the Lord sent an angel with a place for grandfather Desmond, and not far away, in Akasia … will tell you later, first we need to move this !!!!!!! Can someone help, this does not look safe?

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We have some AWESOME people on our fb page!

I just want to say what a lot of awesome people are on this page, you simply took it upon yourself to take Sam all sorts of goodies, to encourage you, without asking questions, without judgment, just love, I do not think you realize the difference you make, every contribution, whether money or a share, you are beautiful … thank you


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We urgently need to speak with this young man!

If anyone sees the guy, please guys I’d like to help him get a job, he does not have a working phone, if you see him and you have an old phone for him, send his number for me please. He wanders in Pretoria North  and sleep on the street where he is allowed.

And if you think it’s a tall order, see how the Lord works, because he’s sending someone on his way, with a phone, and we’re going to get him out because people do not belong in the street.
Pretoria North


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Cookies for Africa !!!!

Cookies for Africa !!!!
Thank you for your continued support every month !!!
What began as a treat has become a necessity …

These cookies are sometimes the difference for somebody starting their day hungry or not …

People sometimes forget that when they pick up a person for piecejob, that person has to work on an empty stomach before he gets his daily wage that afternoon.

Now that’s where the cookies come in …
In the morning there is a row of people in front of my gate asking for something to eat before they can start their day.

May you be blessed for what you do for less privileged people.

Without a NPO number, without having to claim back from SARS, and without having to be advertised, they just give.

The owner does not have FB, and refuses to ever be photographed.

At Pretoria North, Medical Center ….
Borders on North Park Mall, Burger Street …

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Samantha was found!

Update ….
She was found !!!!
She is in the Tswane District hospital …

Some concerned are welcome to go to visit,

It turns out that she has not received any visitors to date .. (under correction)

Samantha Smith now needs  support, and caring people around her.
If you are one, please visit her.
(Unfortunately, do not know what’s going on)

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Help needed…

Never received any feedback from available rooms in Pretoria North.  People, Desmond will pay, there are also angels who have offered ..
If you know of a neighbor with a wendy or outside room, whatsupp me, I will talk with them and not mention your name.

We have also received no feedback from someone who can accompany the old people to apply for ID, s and I am willing to pay for your time. I will get their details tonight and someone offered to to help with identification of ID numbers.

Also, no feedback was received about Samantha’s well-being, but did not find the family, no information about where she found her, big headache …


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Money needed for fuel – please help this mom if you can.

As you all know , we are trying to help the single mom with food, fridge etc. but especially work – they live in a wendy between Pretoria North & Orchards.

Usually we do not ask for financial donations, but the problem we are facing now is that mom can not attend interviews as far as montana because of lack of money for petrol. Collecting donations is also a problem as she has a car but not petrol money.

If anyone can and will help, here are all her details … thank you very much …

Plot 150 Daan de Wet Nel
Cell: 0648634724

Capitec bank

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How do we do it?

People often ask how we do it because we do not like asking…

Here’s an example of how we do it: We actually do nothing …

The Lord is in charge, He takes care of angels like this to keep the pots full and keep us in the streets.  People donate and bring out of their own because they want to.

We are so grateful for every thing and every cent that keeps this project going, but I just have to mention that many people just join the page nowadays so they can see what is being donated, or what they can gain.

For that reason I no longer disclose any donation It was always so nice to say thank you to people on the page. Nowadays, if I thank a donor the donor receives messages for help or money or prayer – not cool,  people …

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Update on Anna (from Billy)

Quick update …

Anna has a sister in Pretoria North she now lives with, we will soon visit and hear if she needs anything. (Once the car has bee fixed)

Billy’s sister who does not live in Pretoria is in charge of funeral arrangements, and it seems that everything is under control with it and does not need our help at this time.

Lady, the dog, has been with us for about six or seven months, after Anna felt she’d be better off at us than on the street and they could visit her.

Thank you very much for everyone’s compassion and love, you are so appreciated.

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