Our car broke down again!

Hi you …… the car is broken down again!!!!
Anyone with a bakkie that would like to help distribute food tonight?

Alternatively, if you can tell why the steering wheel is super tight …

Last month it was the fanbelt that broke just after the steering became tight.
This started while it was so hard, the it started to miss, now the miss is gone, but steering is almost impossible to turn.
Just a little bit of advice ….
And your transport tonight …. hahaha.


HELP !!!!!! We look like hillbillies !!!

HELP !!!!!!
We look like hillbillies !!!
The boss does not want to know anything about asking someone to take away some items for oupa Desmond, that’s so embarrassing !!!

Yes, you read right, the Lord sent an angel with a place for grandfather Desmond, and not far away, in Akasia … will tell you later, first we need to move this !!!!!!! Can someone help, this does not look safe?

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We need help with transport tonight


I beg you again to assist with transport tonight so we can dish out food to our street people.

Please let me know if you have a bakkie and can help. (Our car is still broken down).

A car is not recommended, the sauce etc. ends up all over the place, I do not want your car to look like mine.

Thank you.

Ruth 0731962956

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