Pieter needs some help, please!

Okay, so let’s try again …
I was forced to delete the previous post on Pieter because of all the negative comments …

Guys, we’re obviously a lot of passionate people on this page …

I’m just grateful Pieter and his family are not on fb, people here is a baby to welcome into the world soon, a new life, who knows, maybe a doctor or a lawyer or even president one day !!!

We know Pieter well enough through our journey to know how hard he works to make this a success, how many challenges he has to deal with.

This man has been through more than most, but giving up? Not Pieter …

We know they are not perfect, but who is ??

Any contribution will be a blessing, most important at this stage is more suitable accommodation, if possible less than R3000 pm ..
Pretoria north


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people do care/mense gee om : What we do…

Ruth and Cenci (“the Chef”) does an amazing job on the streets of Pretoria North taking care of the homeless.  Everyday after work they start preparing meals for close to 200 people and then start doing their rounds at eight in the evening, dishing out food and attending to minor injuries.  Not only do they feed these people sleeping in the streets, they also find donations in all forms to clothe them, assist them with finding jobs, organise lifts to hospitals when needed, and even educate when the need arise.

Their ultimate goal is to find suitable space from where they can run a shelter offering these street people accommodation and meals they can return to after their day in the sun working as car guards, recyclers, and simply walking the streets trying to find employment.

This couple is not a registered NPO but simply do what they feel is the right thing to do.

The costs to cover the following most basic needs easily runs into R5000 to R10000 PER WEEK :

  • Food.
  • Electricity to prepare the food.
  • Fuel to distribute the food.
  • Medical supplies to attend to minor injuries.
  • A multitude of other expenses for example polystyrene containers to dish up in.

Ruth and Cenci does receive a fair amount of monetary donations every week from donors world-wide, and also a large amount of local food donations.  However, they still sponsor a large portion of these costs themselves.

And that is the reason we appeal to you for donations – 10 X R100 donations can cover the costs of their operation for one evening!

You are most welcome to follow their activities on their fb page at https://www.facebook.com/wheninneed/, and on their website at https://peopledocare.co.za/.

You may donate at any time.  Please deposit your donation directly in Ruth’s bank account:

Bank: Absa
Beneficiary:  Ruth Jacobs
Type: Savings
Account number: 58169366
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Use the name of the person or the project you would like the money to go towards, else use “Mense Gee Om”

Please donate and share this page!

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We need a room, please.

Hi guys, this guy recently got a permanent post in Gezina, unfortunately he has to come to the north to sleep on the street because he knows the people here, he asked us to look out for a more affordable room / wendy anything in Gezina, please … around R500 a month, please share in Gezina area.

Thank you very much, he is a honey, we have known him for a long time.

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We are looking for a room for Uncle Desmond

This morning when I took food for him I found him sitting down on the stairs.  So I said, not a day later than today, I will get him a room and still nothing after going from home to home , asked, everywhere …

Can I just tell you how poor people are abused here in the north, a room for one person R1200?

It’s no wonder people are so poor, what about old people who only get SASSA, what should they live if room / wendy costs them R1200?

No wonder people squat anywhere …

We are looking for a room for Uncle Desmond, if he can pay R500 a month, he has a R1100 ear for food, which is less than most people’s meat bill …


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I want to tell you about Uncle Desmond ..

If I see him, I cry, it’s just so …
Also about some others, like uncle Chris etc ..

I want to tell you about Uncle Desmond ..
You will remember that all his stuff was stolen one day, but he struggled to town and sorted all out, he will get his SASSA from next month again.
That’s not what I want to talk about …

Uncle Desmond was a respected man in Pretoria North, he is very affectionate, people who know him say he was one of the hardest working people they knew before his stroke.

He is paralyzed in his left side, but he is still self-sustaining and asks no one for help …

His whole life is in a cold drink crate.

During the day he sits next to Nando’s, on the stairs, nobody asks anything, because he has nowhere else to sit.
In the evening, someone carries his crate with blankets and earthly possessions to Blue Bull paints to sleep there, it’s his daily existence …

He loves Pretoria North ….

People from Pretoria north I beg you, because he begs me every night, he wants to rent a room / wendy, just for sleep, he will not be bothering you, he can no longer get up and down with his crate.

Please help with some shelter, where he can safely lay down his head and where he can return to every night.

Unfortunately, his SASSA does not allow for thousands of rands for accommodation, we are looking for an outside room, wendy anything in the north ..


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Car Washing Service

Look, if I had already tried to get people off the street, it was with these three guys.

Nevertheless, my way is not necessarily the correct way.

I sat down thinking how?

Okay, they wash cars in President Steyn and environment for an income. Now if you are in the North you should know very well, so I’m not going to bullshit anyone, we know where the money goes …

However, the plan is to market them as car washers and they will come to your house to wash your car, they have undertaken to purchase a phone by Saturday.

We advertise them by name (suggestions are welcome) and you call them to come to your house to wash your car.  They are really good !!

In doing so, they may just make enough space to rent a room, and get some human dignity back …

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We seek rooms for old people

Quick feedback on Oupa Desmond’s SASSA situation: He did not get any money this month, he had to see the doctor first, he said they would see him again next month.

Two ladies paid money to replace his cash, which I would give him every night to keep going.

He now had enough of the streets, but like many other old people LOVE their Pretoria North, that’s all they know, they’ve been here for a hundred years.

My request today is rooms, wendys any kind of shelter for these old people, a place where they can feel safe in the evening, and do not feel they have to swallow their SASSA cards for safe custody.

Now I know where to stay is very expensive ..

If you have an outside room or and empty wendy, they are willing to pay about R500pm for that, we need a place to sleep for about 5 old people on the street … preferably Pretoria North. If the room is large, they may share too.

These are self-sustaining old people, they still take care of themselves and will not be a problem at all, you will not have to worry about them, they just want to be at peace and go for a stroll during the day.

Pretoria north

Ruth 0731962956

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