Update on Johannes and Samantha

Samantha is doing very well, she fits in well at the center and actively participates in the program.

Johannes who was sleeping under a tree in Rachel the bear was picked up by an unknown black man and offered a room …

Caring and positivity is contagious, unfortunately hate and negativity too …

Fortunately, we have a choice that we want to surround …

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Update on Samantha – LOOK AT THIS!

WOW !!!
If you ever wanted to see an example of people taking hands, here’s one !!

I’ve posted about Samantha who urgently needed to get into rehab, people from all over started calling around like crazy!

One day before she would be dismissed from the hospital and went back to the street, Veruschka and Hannelie prevented that.

Then there was the list of requirements, and again I do not have words, as far as the Free State donations poured in for Samantha ..

All of this would not have been possible without Veruschka’s help, the girl twisted her husband’s arm to help pick up, sort, name it and they did it, even picked Samantha at the hospital and took away …

It was a very emotional goodbye, but we’re sure it’s the right place for her ..

See list of donors (and sorry if you did not want to be called, I did not know)

Apart from allthe goodies received, we received a donation of R5000 rand, of which R4000 is donated to the rehab center, as well as the kiosk at the center so that Samantha can buy a treat…..

BREAK FREE REHAB. offered this program for Samantha for free, so I ask again if anyone can make a contribution from time to time they will be greatly appreciated so that they can help others in their position.

Purchases have been made, donations have been uploaded, and we can not thank you enough for everyone’s involvement here …

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We need to get Samantha to rehab – PLEASE!

I’ve never been, or maybe a few times before, so desperate as now !!!!
The hospital wants to dismiss Samantha, but we still do not have a rehabilitation center for her to go to !!!

She needs help, she wants to be helped !!! She is afraid and does not want to and can not go back to the street !!!
What do we do????

Family is NOT an option !!!

People please, if someone can get a rehab for her !!
If not, talk to the hospital to not dismiss her, or send her somewhere … please, I do not have contacts !!!
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We have some AWESOME people on our fb page!

I just want to say what a lot of awesome people are on this page, you simply took it upon yourself to take Sam all sorts of goodies, to encourage you, without asking questions, without judgment, just love, I do not think you realize the difference you make, every contribution, whether money or a share, you are beautiful … thank you


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Samantha was found!

Update ….
She was found !!!!
She is in the Tswane District hospital …

Some concerned are welcome to go to visit,

It turns out that she has not received any visitors to date .. (under correction)

Samantha Smith now needs  support, and caring people around her.
If you are one, please visit her.
(Unfortunately, do not know what’s going on)

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Looking for friends or family of Samantha

Guys, you know Samantha who slept across Checkers, next to Nando’s.
I just received news from one of our street children that a week ago, a Samaritan called the ambulance for her after an incident.

Can her family or friends please contact me.

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