Thank you, Mark!

Many thanks to this awesome man, his heart is just as big as his shoulders …

He sacrificed his bakkie and his time until midnight to help us deliver food. I have seen so much patience for a long time.

He climbed out at every point and listened to people’s stories, without getting impatient or hurrying …

Thank you Mark Struwig, you are an awesome man !!!

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Thank you, Monica!

Thank you Monica for your generosity, and so for everybody who donates, I do not think the street people realize how lucky they are, but they appreciate it so, if I could, I would take all the street people in, but I do not think Pretoria North will love it much ..

I pray that this initiative will take place everywhere, and that everyone on the street who wants to work will get the opportunity.

Because of people like the ones on this page we are doing very well with our project, people get work, people get hope ….
Thank you

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Thank you, Jacques!

What started this morning as a quiet day of handing out cookies and coffee ended up with a storming ending…

But as always, Jacques, Medic of Pretoria North came to our rescue when Dolf had epileptic attacks on the street.

Everybody knows Jacques, but why?
Because more than anyone else in the north, they know day and night he is available for an emergency, without asking unnecessary questions, without convictions he does what needs to be done, in a soft, professional way, ALWAYS !!

People, you know him, refer him, support him, recommend him for your functions, meetings … he also has a family to take care of, and can not do everyhing for free at all, even if he wants to.

Visit his page, share it ..

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Our chef and his new job!

You will remember our chef, for whom you have been looking for a job, today we could also taste his food and OMW !!! His jalapeno poppers are to die for !!

Never judge anyone today if he has to recycle plastic and sleep on the street …
You can be that difference in someone’s life! Do not forget!

The windmill restaurant, Bon accord dam …

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Thanks a million – you are superstars!

Remarkable people ….
I want to highlight this couple today, and people like Sarie Minnaar …

Nellie & Marius are young, recently married, normal working people, , like most of us but with a life ahead of them.
One will expect them to focus on themselves as most young married couples do.

But not the two, charity is the order of the day in their household …

Every time we found ourselves in a crisis, they just arrived, without planning. Usually to help distribute food, and before they went home they took one or two of our people with them.

For Uncle Naas, they gave housing before he left for his daughter, for Oom Koen and Tannie Driekie they gave a place to stay before they found their permanent place, and more recently and more extreme !!!

A mother who found herself in a position where she contacted me for foster care for her child. I shared the situation with Nellie and Marius when we distributed food,

That same evening they did what the rest of us are afraid of, it’s about a month later, boy is in a good place, Nellie’s words: I could not have asked for a better child, he rejoices our house, our hearts. ..

How do you explain that a child with “problems” that has been sent back and fort several times adapts that well?

All in the name of love …

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Thank you!

See there, not only did they bring a huge bag of soy mince for us, (I mean really big), they also knew we did not feel like cooking and they were so right because I was hard packing clothes … is that not amazing.

I was just wondering what I’m going to cook for the kids, and here they bring an awesome ready cooked meal. If anyone ever wondered if God exists, just follow this page…

Thank you beautiful people.

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Thank you!

Thank you very much to Graeme & Crystal for your transport and time tonight.

Many thanks to Githea for the bread donation, it was so welcome with the soup ..

Tonight one of our street kids said the most beautiful thing for me. I’ve been looking for him for a job without success, so he decided to get a job on his own. He is doing maintenance work (permanent work), but actually has security qualifications

Tonight he thanked me but I remind him that he got the job himself.

His words:
But you believed in me …. I’m crying right now.

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