Khumalo’s operation is scheduled for the 15th of May.

Khumalo’s operation is scheduled for the 15th of May.
Apparently it is not so serious that the pins in his body cause sepsis.

A while ago he was taken to Steve Bhiko for a whole week and released again, the sister who called me argued that no doctors were available …

Three days ago his foot started to swell again after he went to George Makari for help, again he was sent away with painkillers and a moon boot …

When he arrived at my house yesterday he was weak, tired and hungry …

My request today is, to all the important people like Mr Jack Bloom who is aware of the situation …
After all, he has been working with the pens in his body since 2012

We are grateful that an operation is scheduled ultimately, but we fear it might be too late. There is no way he can do so for another month and a half.

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Lord, please let IronMan return safely, please give him a courage.

Thursday afternoon, no money, no nothing … would go north, still no sign of Ironman in the north.

I asked him one day whether he’s praying. A lot he said, he’s going to church every Sunday too.

Do you know what’s amazing, he does not get angry because the hospitals keep changing his dates, he keeps going back without arguing or getting angry, waiting and waiting and coming back, collecting his plastic, taking care of his people and trying again.

Lord, please let him return safely, please give him a courage.

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We are deeply hurt

Tonight our Ironman is sleeping somewhere on the street, between somewhere and nowhere, hungry, cold, forgotten, rejected, a proud man, a man who works hard for his family every day, a man let down by his country chasing after money and earthly enrichment and forget about its people ..

Hospitals who can look into your eyes and send you away with your pain into the streets, without caring.

Because you’re a hobo..a malala pipe, a rataba, boemelaar and squatter …

The spouse, the father is not spotted.  Like this your proud, your humanity is  being is trampled by a society that can only look away and not face you.

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Ironman / Khumalo has been admitted to hospital!

Ironman / Khumalo has been admitted to hospital!!!!

After more than a year’s struggle at George Makari Hospital, Khumalo was finally transferred to Steve Bhiko for treatment …

Thank you, thank you to the awesome people of facebook who have shared! A special thank you to the ladies of PRETORIA NEWS who succeeded and did what they do well …

Deidre of Pretoria News got the process going, involving the necessary people, Rudzani Matshili had an interview with Khumalo, constantly following up, made calls, these two ladies did not go to sleep until Khumalo was in a bed …

We pray that he will receive the treatment and operation he has been waiting for so long.

And thank you aunt Liana that you made your transport available this evening …