Thank you!

See there, not only did they bring a huge bag of soy mince for us, (I mean really big), they also knew we did not feel like cooking and they were so right because I was hard packing clothes … is that not amazing.

I was just wondering what I’m going to cook for the kids, and here they bring an awesome ready cooked meal. If anyone ever wondered if God exists, just follow this page…

Thank you beautiful people.

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The absolute highlight of the week !!!!

The absolute highlight of the week !!!!

Where do you start thanking people for such a love gesture?
Sarie Minnaar took in oupa Desmond without conditions …

I have honestly never met anyone who is so comfortable with people, this man is treated like a king for the first time, and he deserves it, for many years he worked very hard here in the North. After his stroke everything changed and he was forced into the street.

Yesterday we went  to pick up his last good stuff that he stores everywhere for safety – these old people are abused everywhere.

He borrowed a thousand rand on his SASSA last month as he did not receive his.  Even though two  ladies on the group donated almost the exact amount to him, he was so robbed … he has to pay back R450 every month until June’s, now that is bad, it’s almost double. I hope but his information is wrong.

This is a concern as it forces old people to keep borrowing to keep going, while they are getting so little already.

He also saved the rest of his money with the vegetable Tannie, got there, only to be told she only had R160 of the R1000 she “kept safe” for him ..

He puts his good walking stick and clothes in another place, and the little boy did not want to fetch it.

I had to cry when Grandpa Desmond said “no more 5 o clock” getting up and did not know where to go.

Yesterday he slept almost the whole day because for the first time in many years he was allowed.

No elderly person earn to spend their last years on a shop stoep to be chased and humiliated.

He was so so excited about the television yesterday, and he has to get used to the fact that his belongings are safe.

Sarie, your days will be blessed for what you did here, I’m convinced.

Thank you for all the donations, we were able to quickly set up his room without running around after bedspreads for bed and bedding, bedside table, TV etc.

Thank you, Lord, for sending this angel on our way.

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HELP !!!!!! We look like hillbillies !!!

HELP !!!!!!
We look like hillbillies !!!
The boss does not want to know anything about asking someone to take away some items for oupa Desmond, that’s so embarrassing !!!

Yes, you read right, the Lord sent an angel with a place for grandfather Desmond, and not far away, in Akasia … will tell you later, first we need to move this !!!!!!! Can someone help, this does not look safe?

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Our Angel of the Day!

Our angel of the day !!!!
Santjie Fouche had to tire herself completely driving around for others today!

We searched for this morning for transport to Anna to her husband’s funeral, as the transport originally organised had to be cancelled due to car problems.

Santjie Fouche lives in Montana, but was already in Centurion, left from there, chased North, escorted Anna, assisted her at the funeral and brought her back to the North,

This remarkable woman simply decided not to give up when I said it was too late and too far … she simply decided to do what should be done, no doubt, without excuses.

Just imagine if we had more such leaders …

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Uncle Willie is going through deep waters …

Uncle Willie is going through deep waters …
Uncle Willie came to Pretoria with the promise of work which unfortunately did not realise. His mother stays in a hostel here in the north.

This is something that is very common nowadays, people are offered work and do not realize what that person gives up for it, travel to the palce of employment, and only to be told “Sorry we will keep you up to date or in mind …”.

His wife is waiting a hole without water in anticipation, and Willie sleeps on the street ..

Please people, can we not help this man – he knows.

Willie can do petrol & diesel mechanic work, CO2 welding, code 14 and PDP and have already made furniture from pallets …

This man will only be to your benefit, and it’s only him and his wife ..
Please help, he is despondent …

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We have some AWESOME people on our fb page!

I just want to say what a lot of awesome people are on this page, you simply took it upon yourself to take Sam all sorts of goodies, to encourage you, without asking questions, without judgment, just love, I do not think you realize the difference you make, every contribution, whether money or a share, you are beautiful … thank you


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We urgently need to speak with this young man!

If anyone sees the guy, please guys I’d like to help him get a job, he does not have a working phone, if you see him and you have an old phone for him, send his number for me please. He wanders in Pretoria North  and sleep on the street where he is allowed.

And if you think it’s a tall order, see how the Lord works, because he’s sending someone on his way, with a phone, and we’re going to get him out because people do not belong in the street.
Pretoria North


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Please pay Samantha a visit!

We went after work to pay Samantha a visit at the hospital.

She needs all the support she can get, she’s terrible alone, and does not get much visitors. Please visit if you can, and take a treat with if you can … she loves cookies and sparking cold drinks.

She is in a lot of pain, she will appreciate any kind of pampering .. Samantha Smith Ward / hall 3. Tswane district hospital …

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I have work for 2 security guards …

Is anyone here with a security degree …
I have work for 2 security guards …
Whatsupp me

If I do not reply, it means it’s already filled.
I REQUIRE ALL COLLABORATION … If I have posts, but not people, I’ll post it …
The first one to reply with whatsupp I will refer to the contact person … I’m NOT a job search organization, but please help.

If I do not answer you, do not stalk me, the post is already filled, and nothing personal … please do not start hi, how are you?

Only name, qualification or experience, number if on whatsupp

0731962956 …

Attention people from Pretoria North!

Pretoria north …..

It came to my attention yesterday that many white men walk around and beg and many people simply assume that because they are drunk and look bad that they are street people.

I want to ask you, if these healthy young men beg from you, tell him where he can get food at night because they are always supposedly hungry – if he is on the street at night, he will get food, we have so many points around the area, he will find one close enough to him where he can get food, he can only ask. Unfortunately the chance is slim that he will come.

White people who are still on the street are very few.  We nowadays have food left where at times it was too little at times.

You do not have to support beggars with money and food as we already provide them with food. Instead, you need to help find jobs if you want to make a difference and not just moan on facebook. If you live in Pretoria North start acting and help us!

Care-groups of Pretoria North, stop dishing out food parcels for your needy families, rather find them work.  I know it means time and money, but guys, you do not help anyone providing lunch boxes every week.  During the day these guys walk and beg and then people say Ruth & Cenci draw them to the North! These guys stay in houses people, they have been in the North for a long time, we did not draw them here.

Conrad do any kind mechanical work he says, diesel & petrol, diffs and gearboxes.

Conrad got work !!!!

The details are a little blurry, but it’s in Lavender Avenue, spoke to his new employer, we are very grateful …
Thank you for all prayers and shares …


Conrad also lives on the streets in Pretoria North.

H does piece jobs for income, so he would like to have something permanent and get off the street.

This young man was very concerned about his cleanliness when we took this photo last night, and did not want to look bad.

He passed code 14 license (pdp unfortunately expired). He can do any kind  mechanical work he says, diesel & petrol, diffs and gearboxes.

Please, people give the young people in the streets a chance on a future.

Conrad & Divan currently share a phone 0797816895

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