Looking for friends or family of Samantha

Guys, you know Samantha who slept across Checkers, next to Nando’s.
I just received news from one of our street children that a week ago, a Samaritan called the ambulance for her after an incident.

Can her family or friends please contact me.

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Thank you!

Thank you very much to Graeme & Crystal for your transport and time tonight.

Many thanks to Githea for the bread donation, it was so welcome with the soup ..

Tonight one of our street kids said the most beautiful thing for me. I’ve been looking for him for a job without success, so he decided to get a job on his own. He is doing maintenance work (permanent work), but actually has security qualifications

Tonight he thanked me but I remind him that he got the job himself.

His words:
But you believed in me …. I’m crying right now.

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How do we do it?

People often ask how we do it because we do not like asking…

Here’s an example of how we do it: We actually do nothing …

The Lord is in charge, He takes care of angels like this to keep the pots full and keep us in the streets.  People donate and bring out of their own because they want to.

We are so grateful for every thing and every cent that keeps this project going, but I just have to mention that many people just join the page nowadays so they can see what is being donated, or what they can gain.

For that reason I no longer disclose any donation It was always so nice to say thank you to people on the page. Nowadays, if I thank a donor the donor receives messages for help or money or prayer – not cool,  people …

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Thank you for helping out!

These two ladies sacrificed their time and transport last night to help us deliver food, seeing that our car broke down again. 

Thank you very much for helping out between your own jobs, children and your own responsibilities,  giving time to the Pretoria North street people. Amanda Marques is no stranger to the project, she was there with our Christmas party at the pool, she helped with medicines when one person was sick on the street, and she regularly provides Ironman with bottles and fights with hospitals to help him. You were awesome !!!!

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Thank you, Peet!

First of all Peet … yesterday, Peet helped me out when my car decided it had enough.

After many impatient Pretoria drivers screamed at me in Mansfield, Peet stopped and offered assistance.  This  young man even said he would follow me and even asked if I had air time on my phone … .Wow !!!! thank you Peet !!, Now, as I calculate the costs of this obstacle …. Anyone who wants to volunteer to take us tonight to share food?

I must add that it’s a messy story, and not recommended from a car as we do it … If there is anybody who has nothing better to do tonight, hahaha. Food is cooked by 8 o’clock … Pretoria north Ruth 0731962956 (whatsupp also works well) Thank you guys.