I want to tell you about Uncle Desmond ..

If I see him, I cry, it’s just so …
Also about some others, like uncle Chris etc ..

I want to tell you about Uncle Desmond ..
You will remember that all his stuff was stolen one day, but he struggled to town and sorted all out, he will get his SASSA from next month again.
That’s not what I want to talk about …

Uncle Desmond was a respected man in Pretoria North, he is very affectionate, people who know him say he was one of the hardest working people they knew before his stroke.

He is paralyzed in his left side, but he is still self-sustaining and asks no one for help …

His whole life is in a cold drink crate.

During the day he sits next to Nando’s, on the stairs, nobody asks anything, because he has nowhere else to sit.
In the evening, someone carries his crate with blankets and earthly possessions to Blue Bull paints to sleep there, it’s his daily existence …

He loves Pretoria North ….

People from Pretoria north I beg you, because he begs me every night, he wants to rent a room / wendy, just for sleep, he will not be bothering you, he can no longer get up and down with his crate.

Please help with some shelter, where he can safely lay down his head and where he can return to every night.

Unfortunately, his SASSA does not allow for thousands of rands for accommodation, we are looking for an outside room, wendy anything in the north ..


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