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peopledocare.co.za is a brand new extension of the already popular and well-supported facebook group people do care/mense gee om.

Ruth and “the Chef” does an amazing job on the streets of Pretoria North taking care of the homeless.  Everyday after work they start preparing meals for close to 200 people and then start doing their rounds at eight in the evening.  Not only do they feed these people sleeping in the streets, they also find donations in all forms to clothe them, assist them with finding jobs, organise lifts to hospitals when needed, and even educate when the need arise.

There ultimate goal is to find suitable space from where they can run a shelter offering these street people accommodation and meals they can return to after their day in the sun working as car guards, recyclers, and simply walking the streets trying to find employment.

We will share some of the stories told by Ruth and “the Chef” on this page. Some of the stories will have happy endings, some will have sad endings. Some stories will break your heart, some stories you may relate to. We wil have space where you can pledge and contribute in whichever way you wish and can afford. We also will have a section where you can look through all the details of persons in need of jobs – some may be limited to their know surroundings because of a lack of transport, other may be willing to re-locate anywhere in South Africa should employment include accommodation.

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