We seek rooms for old people

Quick feedback on Oupa Desmond’s SASSA situation: He did not get any money this month, he had to see the doctor first, he said they would see him again next month.

Two ladies paid money to replace his cash, which I would give him every night to keep going.

He now had enough of the streets, but like many other old people LOVE their Pretoria North, that’s all they know, they’ve been here for a hundred years.

My request today is rooms, wendys any kind of shelter for these old people, a place where they can feel safe in the evening, and do not feel they have to swallow their SASSA cards for safe custody.

Now I know where to stay is very expensive ..

If you have an outside room or and empty wendy, they are willing to pay about R500pm for that, we need a place to sleep for about 5 old people on the street … preferably Pretoria North. If the room is large, they may share too.

These are self-sustaining old people, they still take care of themselves and will not be a problem at all, you will not have to worry about them, they just want to be at peace and go for a stroll during the day.

Pretoria north

Ruth 0731962956

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