We need to get Samantha to rehab – PLEASE!

I’ve never been, or maybe a few times before, so desperate as now !!!!
The hospital wants to dismiss Samantha, but we still do not have a rehabilitation center for her to go to !!!

She needs help, she wants to be helped !!! She is afraid and does not want to and can not go back to the street !!!
What do we do????

Family is NOT an option !!!

People please, if someone can get a rehab for her !!
If not, talk to the hospital to not dismiss her, or send her somewhere … please, I do not have contacts !!!
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Is this your bitch?

Hi guys, a young man sold this puppy this afternoon to us, the man stays in the white house in wolmer, it may be your dog that got out or was stolen. Please let me know, she is very loving …
(And I know this is not a good idea to buy dogs because it creates a market, but there is a chance that the dog will be used for other things)

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Anybody who can help us take down, move, and erect a Wendy in Pretoria North?

Hi guys, I want to take in one of our elderly on the street, I received a little wendy as a gift.

Anybody willing to take it down in Akasia, bring it out to me and help erect it, it is not big?

The winter is here, and the grandfather sleeps under a tree, I’m struggling to get help to sort out their ID, s and Sassa, now I have to make another plan.

If we can only sort out the old ones, this uncle has only one eye and I would like to get him out from under the tree.
I know it’s a lot of work, so I just take a chance.

I need some help to close my palisade’s gaps

Hi, I want to close my palisade’s gaps. Many people have made suggestions for pallet boards, I’m looking for something that’s really looking nice.

We wanted to do it ourselves, but nobody here has time or energy, I’m not so crazy about the pallet boards, but …

Please, I do not want to do it for free …
Pretoria north

Thanks a million – you are superstars!

Remarkable people ….
I want to highlight this couple today, and people like Sarie Minnaar …

Nellie & Marius are young, recently married, normal working people, , like most of us but with a life ahead of them.
One will expect them to focus on themselves as most young married couples do.

But not the two, charity is the order of the day in their household …

Every time we found ourselves in a crisis, they just arrived, without planning. Usually to help distribute food, and before they went home they took one or two of our people with them.

For Uncle Naas, they gave housing before he left for his daughter, for Oom Koen and Tannie Driekie they gave a place to stay before they found their permanent place, and more recently and more extreme !!!

A mother who found herself in a position where she contacted me for foster care for her child. I shared the situation with Nellie and Marius when we distributed food,

That same evening they did what the rest of us are afraid of, it’s about a month later, boy is in a good place, Nellie’s words: I could not have asked for a better child, he rejoices our house, our hearts. ..

How do you explain that a child with “problems” that has been sent back and fort several times adapts that well?

All in the name of love …

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We need to cover our fence.

Hi guys ….
Where do you get those nice wood or something like that one can you put in your fence or gates?

Our forefront looks horrible because we do not hide or sell donations, it looks permanent or we are moving.
I’m starting to feel sorry for my neighbours with their beautiful yards.

Any suggestions of something that will look nice, yet affordable and easy to install please man?

Tanya needs work, please…

Hi guys, can you help to find work here, Tanya lives in Pretoria North, she’s only 22, and had already had to sacrifice much of her young life by looking after children, she has to support her parents, and for that she urgently needs an income.

Any admin, reception work will mean a lot to her, she is intelligent and capable of reaching a lot.
Thank you
Tanya ..

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I can only plant a seed, not do EVERYTHING!

Last night a street child came up to me, he said he got a job all by himself as a car salesman.

I think this street people are more scared of me than for the police because if they see me they quickly explain why they did not come for work or tannie, I’m going to get work tomorrow, tannie, I’ll show you a tannie.

Sometimes they come with lots of stories, and then his mate helps him, do not help you lie, the tannie knows aaaalles…

When I get discouraged, I remember reading somewhere … Just plant, it’s all that God expects, just plant the seed, He does not want me to do everything from start to finish … I’m struggling with it …

We need some help with IDs or SASSA applications, please.

Hi guys, we have made no progress with these old people’s IDs or SASSA.
If anybody can help, this money will help us to put them in a safe haven.
As I mentioned before, I will pay for your time to assist with this.

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people do care/mense gee om : What we do…

Ruth and Cenci (“the Chef”) does an amazing job on the streets of Pretoria North taking care of the homeless.  Everyday after work they start preparing meals for close to 200 people and then start doing their rounds at eight in the evening, dishing out food and attending to minor injuries.  Not only do they feed these people sleeping in the streets, they also find donations in all forms to clothe them, assist them with finding jobs, organise lifts to hospitals when needed, and even educate when the need arise.

Their ultimate goal is to find suitable space from where they can run a shelter offering these street people accommodation and meals they can return to after their day in the sun working as car guards, recyclers, and simply walking the streets trying to find employment.

This couple is not a registered NPO but simply do what they feel is the right thing to do.

The costs to cover the following most basic needs easily runs into R5000 to R10000 PER WEEK :

  • Food.
  • Electricity to prepare the food.
  • Fuel to distribute the food.
  • Medical supplies to attend to minor injuries.
  • A multitude of other expenses for example polystyrene containers to dish up in.

Ruth and Cenci does receive a fair amount of monetary donations every week from donors world-wide, and also a large amount of local food donations.  However, they still sponsor a large portion of these costs themselves.

And that is the reason we appeal to you for donations – 10 X R100 donations can cover the costs of their operation for one evening!

You are most welcome to follow their activities on their fb page at https://www.facebook.com/wheninneed/, and on their website at https://peopledocare.co.za/.

You may donate at any time.  Please deposit your donation directly in Ruth’s bank account:

Bank: Absa
Beneficiary:  Ruth Jacobs
Type: Savings
Account number: 58169366
Branch Code: 632005
Reference: Use the name of the person or the project you would like the money to go towards, else use “Mense Gee Om”

Please donate and share this page!

I know where your daughter sleeps tonight. Do you?

Madam, your daughter is only 21 …
I also preached to her tonight, just as you have already done many times.
I would like to mention to you with children, especially daughters, kicking them out to “correct themselves”: Make sure you know what’s happening in Pretoria North, because you have no clue, mom.

And if you’re lying awake and worrying tonight, call me to tell you where she’s going to sleep tonight.

Oh yeah, and if you’re hoping she’s going to get her right by sending her into the streets, together with the people she hangs out with tonight, it’s all the way to ruin.

Aniel needs work…

Hey guys, Aniel stopped me at Spar, he  still did not get work, his two brothers are working already, but nobody has called him yet.

This little guy is one of our sweeties, always quiet, always sober, always polite …

He has a valid code 10 license, but is willing to do ANY type of work, from gardening to painting … please guys if you can help him to get off the street as well.

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