We need to find this you man.

If you see this young man in the north, he came to ask for work, which we could quickly get for him, unfortunately he did not arrive … we could help with a lunch box and shoes.

If you know him, please persuade him to take the job, his mother needs a lot of help … He is 30 years old.

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Johannes needs a job.

This very nice young man calls me aside last night and says he heard I’m finding work for people and he would like to work very much, guarding cars and collecting tins is not what he wants to do for the rest of his life … I asked him, okay what can you do, he says anything, he’ll do anything, paint, maintenance etc …

I ask him, but what’s in your heart, what work do you want to do …

He says madam, I want to prepare food, I can prepare food, I’ve been preparing food for three years at Knight Rider cafe before they closed that time …

It’s so sad, these guys on the street forget their passion, and are only willing to do anything for some money.

I feel so bad that I often overlook the quiet ones (the gems), I’ve known him for more than a year, and never knew he could cook ..

Now I want to ask, even if homeless people are not your passion, just reach out to one, you can change someone’s life, without costing you a cent, there is NOT a more amazing feeling than knowing that you had something to do with restoring one’s dignity, self proud, call it what you want  – and you were part because you showed interest,  you gave someone hope …

Employment gives hope.
Employment says I believe in you, I think you can, now you should think so too …

Come on, let’s help a nice guy out of the street..please share if you can not help yourself ..

Update – previous owner/manager confirmed on fb page that they had to close down business and Johannes worked for them.

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Thank you for the vegetables!

Donation received here in the north, this lady grows her own vegetable in wolmer at the back of her yard, and after handing out her to her neighbors, she still has plenty to give to our project.

It made me wonder, here are many large plots in wolmer, and it is an environment with the greatest need for food, is it about scarcity of water or what will be the reason why more people do not grow vegetables themselves? Must be because of the water because, as I understand, the soil is very fertile ..

Spinach, tomatoes and carrots!
Thank you very much …

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Thank you for helping Grieta!

I would like to share today’s events with you, Pretoria Noorders you know Magriet / Grieta who is a car guard at the post office …

And sometimes you asked for a money here and there …
Well yesterday she had an epileptic attack on the street and got a bit hurt, a very concerned Danielle called us for help …

Today was a busy day, looking all over for accommodation, suitable for Grieta, many reached out, and with the help of our Heavenly Father we could succeed.

More details will be announced later, but I know there were many people in charge.

I want to reassure you, she is in good hands, her family is very happy with the place we got, she is calm and we believe and trust that she will be happy and she will definitely not have to stand guard over a car again.

And that’s how we help one by one, Danielle got the ball rolling by asking for help,

Jacques medic, as always, has organized and assisted an ambulance, Leona of Helping Hand has offered shelter, Erna cosmos has offered shelter,

In the end  we decided on Alet of Helpende Land new SASSA home in Pretoria North.

Petro, Grieta’s sister, picked up her at the hospital, took care of her and gathered everything with her colleagues’ co-operation needed for Grieta’s new home.

Our chef and his new job!

You will remember our chef, for whom you have been looking for a job, today we could also taste his food and OMW !!! His jalapeno poppers are to die for !!

Never judge anyone today if he has to recycle plastic and sleep on the street …
You can be that difference in someone’s life! Do not forget!

The windmill restaurant, Bon accord dam …

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We need a job for Anna

Hi, as you know, Anna lives with us now, she wants to keep busy, we’re looking for her a job near the house, in the line of  cleaning,  something like salon or shopping, racking etc. will be ideal, staying busy is more important than a big salary for her ..
Pretoria north

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Does anybody know where Johannes is?

I’m worried about Johannes, he has only one eye, with bad sight on top of it, is far beyond his good years, I was trying to sort out his ID so that he could apply for SASSA and hopefully so coming of the street.

He sleeps every night under a tree last robot as you drive from the north, Rachel de Beer stretches to the top in the direction of Wonderland.

Last night he was not there.

If anyone knows anything ..

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Update on Samantha – LOOK AT THIS!

WOW !!!
If you ever wanted to see an example of people taking hands, here’s one !!

I’ve posted about Samantha who urgently needed to get into rehab, people from all over started calling around like crazy!

One day before she would be dismissed from the hospital and went back to the street, Veruschka and Hannelie prevented that.

Then there was the list of requirements, and again I do not have words, as far as the Free State donations poured in for Samantha ..

All of this would not have been possible without Veruschka’s help, the girl twisted her husband’s arm to help pick up, sort, name it and they did it, even picked Samantha at the hospital and took away …

It was a very emotional goodbye, but we’re sure it’s the right place for her ..

See list of donors (and sorry if you did not want to be called, I did not know)

Apart from allthe goodies received, we received a donation of R5000 rand, of which R4000 is donated to the rehab center, as well as the kiosk at the center so that Samantha can buy a treat…..

BREAK FREE REHAB. offered this program for Samantha for free, so I ask again if anyone can make a contribution from time to time they will be greatly appreciated so that they can help others in their position.

Purchases have been made, donations have been uploaded, and we can not thank you enough for everyone’s involvement here …

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