We need some affordable spices, please.

Hi guys …. at the moment we spend a lot of money on spices and it does not last long because the pots are huge.
Chef is frustrated because he runs through spice and is not cheap.

Any suggestions we can get bigger size spices cheaper, as well as soup and stew thickeners.
Thank you smart people …
Pretoria north area please

Needed: A pot or two and two plate stove.

Hi guys,

If anyone can afford a pot or two for Glen and Karen, and a two plate stove it will be great .. Glen does recycling, any steel, plate or scrap metal will be appreciated, this is his only income that he cares for him and his wife.

They no longer sleep on the street, and need some help.

Glen / karen 0711116307
Bakenkloof 417 C
Pretoria North

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