Thank you for your help, Riaan

Riaan offered his transport and time last night to help us out delivering food to about 200 street people in Pretoria North.

Thank you very much for this unselfish act …

Ns … this awesome bakkie is for sale, and it drives like a dream, with a lot of loading space.

Riaan does general construction and maintenance work.

Call Riaan if you are interested.

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We need a job for a mother of three.

Due to circumstances beyond this mother of 3’s control, she was left to her own grace with three kiddies, they currently live in a Wendy between Pretoria North & Orchards. The children are attending school in Pretoria North.

There is already a benefactor who pays the R1500 rent of the Wendy.

Here is a big need of food, anything you can save, the baby was born recently.

In addition to the obvious needs here, we need to improve their standard of living.

Here is so much needed here that I do not even know what to ask. Certainly a fridge.

It was impossible to search for a job for her while she was pregnant but now we have to.

Previous experience includes childcare, caregiver, nursery school experience, rugby club and bar lady purchases, guys she will try anything, she is sharp, oldest is 15, 8, and three weeks …

Her address:
Plot 150 Daan de Wet Nel Avenue
Cell: 0648634724

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Needed: A pot or two and two plate stove.

Hi guys,

If anyone can afford a pot or two for Glen and Karen, and a two plate stove it will be great .. Glen does recycling, any steel, plate or scrap metal will be appreciated, this is his only income that he cares for him and his wife.

They no longer sleep on the street, and need some help.

Glen / karen 0711116307
Bakenkloof 417 C
Pretoria North

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So proud of these men

Andre has lifted himself out of his circumstances, he has been sleeping on the streets for a long time before he decided it’s enough and seriously started working as a car guard at Choppies, please support him.

We are happy to help them with donations because they try, they also make a plan to improve their own lives and collect their donations themselves and don’t wait for us since our car is broken down.

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We need help with transport tonight


I beg you again to assist with transport tonight so we can dish out food to our street people.

Please let me know if you have a bakkie and can help. (Our car is still broken down).

A car is not recommended, the sauce etc. ends up all over the place, I do not want your car to look like mine.

Thank you.

Ruth 0731962956

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Ironman / Khumalo has been admitted to hospital!

Ironman / Khumalo has been admitted to hospital!!!!

After more than a year’s struggle at George Makari Hospital, Khumalo was finally transferred to Steve Bhiko for treatment …

Thank you, thank you to the awesome people of facebook who have shared! A special thank you to the ladies of PRETORIA NEWS who succeeded and did what they do well …

Deidre of Pretoria News got the process going, involving the necessary people, Rudzani Matshili had an interview with Khumalo, constantly following up, made calls, these two ladies did not go to sleep until Khumalo was in a bed …

We pray that he will receive the treatment and operation he has been waiting for so long.

And thank you aunt Liana that you made your transport available this evening …


We seek rooms for old people

Quick feedback on Oupa Desmond’s SASSA situation: He did not get any money this month, he had to see the doctor first, he said they would see him again next month.

Two ladies paid money to replace his cash, which I would give him every night to keep going.

He now had enough of the streets, but like many other old people LOVE their Pretoria North, that’s all they know, they’ve been here for a hundred years.

My request today is rooms, wendys any kind of shelter for these old people, a place where they can feel safe in the evening, and do not feel they have to swallow their SASSA cards for safe custody.

Now I know where to stay is very expensive ..

If you have an outside room or and empty wendy, they are willing to pay about R500pm for that, we need a place to sleep for about 5 old people on the street … preferably Pretoria North. If the room is large, they may share too.

These are self-sustaining old people, they still take care of themselves and will not be a problem at all, you will not have to worry about them, they just want to be at peace and go for a stroll during the day.

Pretoria north

Ruth 0731962956

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Thank you for helping out!

These two ladies sacrificed their time and transport last night to help us deliver food, seeing that our car broke down again. 

Thank you very much for helping out between your own jobs, children and your own responsibilities,  giving time to the Pretoria North street people. Amanda Marques is no stranger to the project, she was there with our Christmas party at the pool, she helped with medicines when one person was sick on the street, and she regularly provides Ironman with bottles and fights with hospitals to help him. You were awesome !!!!

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Thank you, Peet!

First of all Peet … yesterday, Peet helped me out when my car decided it had enough.

After many impatient Pretoria drivers screamed at me in Mansfield, Peet stopped and offered assistance.  This  young man even said he would follow me and even asked if I had air time on my phone … .Wow !!!! thank you Peet !!, Now, as I calculate the costs of this obstacle …. Anyone who wants to volunteer to take us tonight to share food?

I must add that it’s a messy story, and not recommended from a car as we do it … If there is anybody who has nothing better to do tonight, hahaha. Food is cooked by 8 o’clock … Pretoria north Ruth 0731962956 (whatsupp also works well) Thank you guys.