Have a bit more understanding for the families…

Hi your nice people ….
Today I want to confess that when we started this project I was terribly condemning to the families that allowed their brothers, sisters, etc. sleep on the street..How could they!!

Later I gained more insight, and changed my views about that.

I still feel kids and old people do not belong in the street, suck it up buttercup, take care of your child, your mother, your father regardless of ….

However, I would like to mention, where does it leave you when an addict stole everything you have and sells that to support his habit if he does not think he’s having a problem?

I mention it so that people may show a little more understanding of families who have families on the streets.

Looking for friends or family of Samantha

Guys, you know Samantha who slept across Checkers, next to Nando’s.
I just received news from one of our street children that a week ago, a Samaritan called the ambulance for her after an incident.

Can her family or friends please contact me.

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Thank you, Gasland & Solar.

I do not think these people realize what big impact they have on this project …

Gas in general is expensive and they donate month to month and as we need gas for this project.

Without gas we can not cook for the people the street and they understand it. Without expecting anything back, we simply exchange the bottles, month after month.

In addition, their prices remain the lowest.

Gasland and Solar, Madeliefie Center Pretoria North … please support them.

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Lord, please let IronMan return safely, please give him a courage.

Thursday afternoon, no money, no nothing … would go north, still no sign of Ironman in the north.

I asked him one day whether he’s praying. A lot he said, he’s going to church every Sunday too.

Do you know what’s amazing, he does not get angry because the hospitals keep changing his dates, he keeps going back without arguing or getting angry, waiting and waiting and coming back, collecting his plastic, taking care of his people and trying again.

Lord, please let him return safely, please give him a courage.

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Anna needs a job in Pretoria North

As you know, Anna’s Billy passed away.

Anna is renting a room with her sister.

Things are a bit tight, but as soon as I get my car, I’ll look at the circumstances.

Anna is currently a car guard at Old Top Rank for an income because there are now expenses where she stays.

If someone has a more stable position for Anna in Pretoria North, it will be great, something like packing shelves or cleaning work, processing vegetables, such type of jobs please contact me.


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Car Washing Service

Look, if I had already tried to get people off the street, it was with these three guys.

Nevertheless, my way is not necessarily the correct way.

I sat down thinking how?

Okay, they wash cars in President Steyn and environment for an income. Now if you are in the North you should know very well, so I’m not going to bullshit anyone, we know where the money goes …

However, the plan is to market them as car washers and they will come to your house to wash your car, they have undertaken to purchase a phone by Saturday.

We advertise them by name (suggestions are welcome) and you call them to come to your house to wash your car.  They are really good !!

In doing so, they may just make enough space to rent a room, and get some human dignity back …

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We are deeply hurt

Tonight our Ironman is sleeping somewhere on the street, between somewhere and nowhere, hungry, cold, forgotten, rejected, a proud man, a man who works hard for his family every day, a man let down by his country chasing after money and earthly enrichment and forget about its people ..

Hospitals who can look into your eyes and send you away with your pain into the streets, without caring.

Because you’re a hobo..a malala pipe, a rataba, boemelaar and squatter …

The spouse, the father is not spotted.  Like this your proud, your humanity is  being is trampled by a society that can only look away and not face you.

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Please check on Ironman!

If anyone can go see or hear what’s happening, I spoke to Ironman before, saying they’re going to dismiss him, I said he should wait, but he also said he’s hungry, now his phone is off ..

If there is someone in the area to just grab a meal and find out what’s going on, he spent all his money on airtime … I do not want him to walk with his sore legs to the north.

I’m stranded without a car, his phone is also off now …

If anybody can get there: Room 5 …. 4.3 …. Paulus Khumalo

WTF !!!!

Steve Bhiko phones this morning, Ironman is released today, after a week in hospital (for which we as taxpayers paid) with a prescription.

The waiting list for operations is 4 weeks long, and the fact that he has sepsis in his legs caused by pins and screws that are not removed are, according to them, not so serious.

After a week, hordes x rays, and 2 hospitals after he was sent from one hospital to another for more than a year the sister calls and say, we may have to take him George Makari.

On top of it, they call me twice from his own phone for which we bought him airtime, they do not even use the hospital’s phone !!!!!!

Please share this! It is the only way to get help.

Thank you!

Thank you very much to Graeme & Crystal for your transport and time tonight.

Many thanks to Githea for the bread donation, it was so welcome with the soup ..

Tonight one of our street kids said the most beautiful thing for me. I’ve been looking for him for a job without success, so he decided to get a job on his own. He is doing maintenance work (permanent work), but actually has security qualifications

Tonight he thanked me but I remind him that he got the job himself.

His words:
But you believed in me …. I’m crying right now.

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Money needed for fuel – please help this mom if you can.

As you all know , we are trying to help the single mom with food, fridge etc. but especially work – they live in a wendy between Pretoria North & Orchards.

Usually we do not ask for financial donations, but the problem we are facing now is that mom can not attend interviews as far as montana because of lack of money for petrol. Collecting donations is also a problem as she has a car but not petrol money.

If anyone can and will help, here are all her details … thank you very much …

Plot 150 Daan de Wet Nel
Cell: 0648634724

Capitec bank

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NO GAS! We need someone who can help us with transport before 5PM

Well, I hate it to ask but maybe there is someone in Pretoria North who has nothing to do at the moment: We ran out of gas and the bottle needs to be exchanged at Madeliefie center.

The car is still broken down, normally the chef would have loaded the bottle onto a trolley and walked, but now the rain holds him back.

If someone can pick him up and take him to Madeliefe it will be so appreciated … preferably before 5PM.


How do we do it?

People often ask how we do it because we do not like asking…

Here’s an example of how we do it: We actually do nothing …

The Lord is in charge, He takes care of angels like this to keep the pots full and keep us in the streets.  People donate and bring out of their own because they want to.

We are so grateful for every thing and every cent that keeps this project going, but I just have to mention that many people just join the page nowadays so they can see what is being donated, or what they can gain.

For that reason I no longer disclose any donation It was always so nice to say thank you to people on the page. Nowadays, if I thank a donor the donor receives messages for help or money or prayer – not cool,  people …

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Update on Anna (from Billy)

Quick update …

Anna has a sister in Pretoria North she now lives with, we will soon visit and hear if she needs anything. (Once the car has bee fixed)

Billy’s sister who does not live in Pretoria is in charge of funeral arrangements, and it seems that everything is under control with it and does not need our help at this time.

Lady, the dog, has been with us for about six or seven months, after Anna felt she’d be better off at us than on the street and they could visit her.

Thank you very much for everyone’s compassion and love, you are so appreciated.

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