I have work for 2 security guards …

Is anyone here with a security degree …
I have work for 2 security guards …
Whatsupp me

If I do not reply, it means it’s already filled.
I REQUIRE ALL COLLABORATION … If I have posts, but not people, I’ll post it …
The first one to reply with whatsupp I will refer to the contact person … I’m NOT a job search organization, but please help.

If I do not answer you, do not stalk me, the post is already filled, and nothing personal … please do not start hi, how are you?

Only name, qualification or experience, number if on whatsupp

0731962956 …

Attention people from Pretoria North!

Pretoria north …..

It came to my attention yesterday that many white men walk around and beg and many people simply assume that because they are drunk and look bad that they are street people.

I want to ask you, if these healthy young men beg from you, tell him where he can get food at night because they are always supposedly hungry – if he is on the street at night, he will get food, we have so many points around the area, he will find one close enough to him where he can get food, he can only ask. Unfortunately the chance is slim that he will come.

White people who are still on the street are very few.  We nowadays have food left where at times it was too little at times.

You do not have to support beggars with money and food as we already provide them with food. Instead, you need to help find jobs if you want to make a difference and not just moan on facebook. If you live in Pretoria North start acting and help us!

Care-groups of Pretoria North, stop dishing out food parcels for your needy families, rather find them work.  I know it means time and money, but guys, you do not help anyone providing lunch boxes every week.  During the day these guys walk and beg and then people say Ruth & Cenci draw them to the North! These guys stay in houses people, they have been in the North for a long time, we did not draw them here.

Conrad do any kind mechanical work he says, diesel & petrol, diffs and gearboxes.

Conrad got work !!!!

The details are a little blurry, but it’s in Lavender Avenue, spoke to his new employer, we are very grateful …
Thank you for all prayers and shares …


Conrad also lives on the streets in Pretoria North.

H does piece jobs for income, so he would like to have something permanent and get off the street.

This young man was very concerned about his cleanliness when we took this photo last night, and did not want to look bad.

He passed code 14 license (pdp unfortunately expired). He can do any kind  mechanical work he says, diesel & petrol, diffs and gearboxes.

Please, people give the young people in the streets a chance on a future.

Conrad & Divan currently share a phone 0797816895

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Divan needs work… (Divan has 12 years of experience in commercial and residential construction work)

Hi you, this young man wants to work very much, he is so neat, even though he sleeps on the street, the man also has heaps of experience going to waste on the street with piece jobs … can anyone give him an opportunity to get off  the street and to get on his feet, his whole life lies before him …

Divan has 12 years of experience in commercial and residential construction work, he was already sight agent and MD foreman, licensed and PDP (unfortunately expired)

And then he tells in detail that he can do everything and picks up his resume, and you can hear he has a passion for this …

He would prefer to stay in the north as he has contact with his minor child.
Pretoria north & surrounding area.


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We are looking for a room for Uncle Desmond

This morning when I took food for him I found him sitting down on the stairs.  So I said, not a day later than today, I will get him a room and still nothing after going from home to home , asked, everywhere …

Can I just tell you how poor people are abused here in the north, a room for one person R1200?

It’s no wonder people are so poor, what about old people who only get SASSA, what should they live if room / wendy costs them R1200?

No wonder people squat anywhere …

We are looking for a room for Uncle Desmond, if he can pay R500 a month, he has a R1100 ear for food, which is less than most people’s meat bill …


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Cookies for Africa !!!!

Cookies for Africa !!!!
Thank you for your continued support every month !!!
What began as a treat has become a necessity …

These cookies are sometimes the difference for somebody starting their day hungry or not …

People sometimes forget that when they pick up a person for piecejob, that person has to work on an empty stomach before he gets his daily wage that afternoon.

Now that’s where the cookies come in …
In the morning there is a row of people in front of my gate asking for something to eat before they can start their day.

May you be blessed for what you do for less privileged people.

Without a NPO number, without having to claim back from SARS, and without having to be advertised, they just give.

The owner does not have FB, and refuses to ever be photographed.

At Pretoria North, Medical Center ….
Borders on North Park Mall, Burger Street …

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Samantha was found!

Update ….
She was found !!!!
She is in the Tswane District hospital …

Some concerned are welcome to go to visit,

It turns out that she has not received any visitors to date .. (under correction)

Samantha Smith now needs  support, and caring people around her.
If you are one, please visit her.
(Unfortunately, do not know what’s going on)

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Help needed…

Never received any feedback from available rooms in Pretoria North.  People, Desmond will pay, there are also angels who have offered ..
If you know of a neighbor with a wendy or outside room, whatsupp me, I will talk with them and not mention your name.

We have also received no feedback from someone who can accompany the old people to apply for ID, s and I am willing to pay for your time. I will get their details tonight and someone offered to to help with identification of ID numbers.

Also, no feedback was received about Samantha’s well-being, but did not find the family, no information about where she found her, big headache …


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I want to tell you about Uncle Desmond ..

If I see him, I cry, it’s just so …
Also about some others, like uncle Chris etc ..

I want to tell you about Uncle Desmond ..
You will remember that all his stuff was stolen one day, but he struggled to town and sorted all out, he will get his SASSA from next month again.
That’s not what I want to talk about …

Uncle Desmond was a respected man in Pretoria North, he is very affectionate, people who know him say he was one of the hardest working people they knew before his stroke.

He is paralyzed in his left side, but he is still self-sustaining and asks no one for help …

His whole life is in a cold drink crate.

During the day he sits next to Nando’s, on the stairs, nobody asks anything, because he has nowhere else to sit.
In the evening, someone carries his crate with blankets and earthly possessions to Blue Bull paints to sleep there, it’s his daily existence …

He loves Pretoria North ….

People from Pretoria north I beg you, because he begs me every night, he wants to rent a room / wendy, just for sleep, he will not be bothering you, he can no longer get up and down with his crate.

Please help with some shelter, where he can safely lay down his head and where he can return to every night.

Unfortunately, his SASSA does not allow for thousands of rands for accommodation, we are looking for an outside room, wendy anything in the north ..


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We need someone to help with ID and SASSA applications

Guys, we received donations from you and would like to use it as follows: we have about 6 old people on the street who do not have IDs, we need someone to help them.

If they have IDs, they can apply for SASSA, and we have a chance to get them out of the street.

We are willing to pay for this sacrifice.

I myself can not assist them with this, we work full time.

In addition, they do not know their ID numbers, but birth dates, I hope so here is someone who can help us with this.

Furthermore, uncle Chris will not be able to go.

We may also need the person to help them apply for SASSA.

Please, we will pay for your time because old people can not sleep on the street …

Pretoria north


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Three street people died in one week.

Three street people died in one week.

Billy, Peter, and last night this uncle …

He went to sleep and just did not wake up again, we still wanted to find a safe haven for him. This uncle was blind in one eye, always silent, never said a word …

And we still do not know what’s happening to Samantha after the ambulance came to her last week.

It’s not fair that people die without feeling how it feels to sleep in a warm bed with a full stomach …

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I fully understand why some street people prefer the street…

Ugggg, I stand by my street people, they are much less judgemental than their families.

Never has a street person told me how bad his/her family is, and that it is their fault that he / she is on the street, but when you speak with the family it is a completely different story.  I thought I’m already armored against this and then I also get it from the family…

I fully understand why some street people prefer the street…